Specialty AC and DC Drives

Spang Power Electronics specialty AC and DC drives are designed for unique OEM applications where “off the shelf” drive products / systems just don’t fit.

Spang designs AC and DC drive systems for a variety of continuous web and strip processing lines. Our experience as a systems integrator includes multi-motor control of extensible and non-extensible materials in the metals, plastics, paper, fibers and film industries. We work with OEMs, users and consulting & engineering firms on projects that range in size from small modernization projects to large multi-million-dollar plant expansions.

Comprehensive project management includes a project engineer that takes responsibility for the project from application, through design, manufacture, test, and start-up. The propulsion system, machine control, process control, recitifers, HMI, and computer interface are integrated, documented, and factory-tested.

Our intricate knowledge of motors, variable speed drives, PLCs and their performance characteristics, coupled with our application experience, separates us from other integrators. As a systems integrator, we can package a solution tailored to your specific requirements.