Spang Power Electronics single and three phase Digital SCR Power Controllers offer the latest in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology and software. DSP technology increases real-time process control information and reduces installation costs as well as allows for a wide range of options built into one standard package.

Spang’s PC-based configuration tool software provides the versatility of choosing different regulation modes, control strategies, and load types. Interfacing to the digital power controller with a computer allows the unit to be truly customized for any industrial application.

The Digital SCR Power Controller is capable of operating in any one of four different firing modes:

  • Phase-Angle / Direct coupled to a resistive load
  • Zero-Crossover / Direct coupled to a resistive load
  • Phase-Angle / Control into a Transformer
  • Zero-Crossover / Control into a Transformer

The multi-firing mode capability allows for use of a single control amplifier and for common spare parts in multi-furnace facilities. This versatile controller is ideal for precise networked control of power in Glass & Fiberglass manufacturing as well as other industrial heating applications. Through network connectivity, you can improve system performance by cost-effectively linking multiple power controllers for central control through a programmable logic controller (PLC), or an industrial computer.

1050 Series Single Phase/3 Phase

The 1050 Series digital SCR controllers have been designed to deliver incredible new features like temperature regulation at an affordable price to the industrial heating market.

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1050 Nano Single Phase/3 Phase

Spang Power Electronics has expanded its compact product offering to include a low current, din-rail mountable digital SCR power controller, the 1050 Nano.

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850 Series Single Phase/3 Phase

The 850 Series Digital SCR Controllers have been in the industrial marketplace since the late 1990’s. With a strong technology focus, Spang continues to development innovative and reliable power control and conversion equipment.

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