B-Series Power Controllers

The B-Series power controller has been a reliable product within the industrial marketplace for over 30 years. It offers a wide variety of ratings, features, and options (from 15 to 3000 amps; voltage, current or watt limit; voltage, current or watt regulation; overcurrent shutdown and NEMA enclosures).

Spang acknowledges and appreciates the importance of servicing / supporting legacy products no longer run in volume. And while the B-Series controllers are no longer specified for new applications, they are still available within Spang’s product line for direct replacement or spare parts. For new applications, please refer to our 650 Series, C-Series or Digital SCR Power Controllers.

Spang Power Electronics continues to have a strong technology focus with ongoing development of innovative and reliable power control and conversion equipment. These technology advantages allow Spang to easily retrofit existing control functionality that may have become outdated either by new process requirements or obsolescence. Spang’s retrofit capability is not limited to the upgrade of our own install base but also power equipment once supplied by market competitors. Please contact Spang with regards to retrofit / upgrade of any of the following B- Series controllers.

B-Series Products