Spang Power Electronics is a manufacturer of custom power equipment installed for cleaning. Spang’s expertise in power control and conversion has helped us become a global leader for the supply of cleaning rectifiers.

Cleaning Rectifiers

Cleaning is an electrolytic process for surface treatment used to remove impurities such as stains, rust or scale from ferrous metals. The cleaning process is achieved with the aid of an applied voltage potential in the presence of a medium which conducts electricity, wherein the metal is one electrode submerged in the electrolyte. The cleaning rectifier, normally “reversing” (being able to switch the polarity of the output that changes the anode / cathode relationship), provides the voltage potential to the application to affect the cleaning.

Spang Power Electronics provides Power Systems configured as DC rectifiers in six (6) pulse, twelve (12) pulse, and DC chopper configurations with precise voltage and current control for cleaning applications.