SCR Power Controllers

Spang Power Electronics’ analog and digital SCR power controllers can be used in a wide range of manufacturing and processing applications.

Specializing in: Electric Furnaces, Electric Ovens & Heaters, Vibratory Feeders, Extrusion & Forming Equipment, Direct Electrode Control

Spang Power Electronics single and three phase Digital SCR Power Controllers offer the latest in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology and software. DSP technology increases real-time process control information and reduces installation costs as well as allows for a wide range of options built into one standard package.

Spang Power Electronics manufactures a full line of Analog based SCR Power Controllers. To meet the requirements for unique applications, Spang’s analog based SCR Power Controllers have a wide range of features and options. They are available in single-or-three phase and Phase Angle or Zero-Crossover control.