Spang Power Electronics manufactures a full line of Analog based SCR Power Controllers. To meet the requirements for unique applications, Spang's analog based SCR Power Controllers have a wide range of features and options. They are available in single-or-three phase and Phase Angle or Zero-Crossover control. Convection and forced air-cooled ratings to 1,200 kVA and water-cooled ratings to over 2,000 kVA are available, yielding current ratings up to 3000 amps for an individual power controller.

Spang manufactures both standard product and custom Analog Power Controllers from 1 kW to the megawatt range. The latest in semiconductors, cooling methods and solid-state firing circuitry are incorporated in the following analog based power controllers.

Single Phase

Three Phase

For precise temperature and power control in process heating applications, Spang also designs and manufactures SCR Temperature & Power Control Panels. Contact Spang for more information.