E-Coat Power Goes Digital with Electrocoating Rectifier Combines Advantages of Custom-Built System with Economy of Off-the-Shelf Unit

Spang Power Electronics has developed the Digi-Coat Electrocoating Rectifier, a network connectable, digitally controlled model in standard output sizes covering a wide range of electrocoating needs. Built on solid, cost-effective six-pulse technology, the Digi-Coat Rectifier outputs 0-400VDC of precisely controlled power for industrial electrocoating applications.

“The Digi-Coat Rectifier combines the advantages of a custom-built system with the economy of an off-the-shelf unit,” says Bob Irvine, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Spang Power Electronics. “Digi-Coat is the maintenance-free ‘black box’ in the corner of the paint shop that every operator wants in E-Coat power as part of an integrated system. This product leaps to the technology proven for many years in sophisticated motor drive systems.”

Available in 100ADC through 1200AVDC models, the Digi-Coat Rectifier provides a compact, versatile package with control features driven by sophisticated microprocessor technology. With on-board digital display and remote communications, Digi-Coat saves time and money on installation and startup.

Digi-Coat’s precise control combines with energy-efficient design and rugged construction to reduce operating costs and accelerate return-on-investment through improved costs, productivity and coating quality.

Ideal for small parts and powerful enough for large assemblies, the key features and benefits of the Digi-Coat Electrocoating Rectifier include:

  • 5% RMS ripple at setpoint over 25-100% of output voltage
  • 1% Regulation
  • Voltage, current and power monitoring
  • Programmable ramp to paint voltages • Multiple paint and hold voltages
  • Laptop programmable configuration with a Windows based tool
  • Networkable interface to PLCs for system integration
  • Advanced process and fault monitoring
  • Superior on-board diagnostics and setup
  • Reduced installation and wiring costs
  • Rugged mechanical design

Precise Control, High-Quality Finish
The Digi-Coat rectifier converts nominal 600 VAC class, three-phase, AC input (480 VAC standard) to a voltage regulated DC output. The output is precisely controlled and filtered to minimize RMS ripple, enabling the Customer to apply a high-quality finish.

Digi-Coat’s six-pulse controller offers the latest in Digital Signal Processing technology and software. Monitoring process parameters, now digitally available over common network bus structures, affords Users unparalleled opportunity to gather and trend data for analysis and process improvement.

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