Spang Power Electronics' standard 1050 Series digital SCR power controllers include a 2-channel oscilloscope app as part of its web browser based configuration tool.

The oscilloscope has both automatic and manual trigger features which store waveform data directly to the 1050's micro SD card for future use. The waveform data can be viewed by Spang's configuration tool at any time while online with the controller or saved directly to the user's computer for offline manipulation.

One automatic trigger and data storage event occurs if the controller has identified a high current trip condition. This is typically related to a measured overcurrent; input current transient or short circuit. The magnitude and related waveform of this overcurrent is valuable troubleshooting information to help explain the process phenomena just prior to the controller's alarm or fault condition.

Additional setup and troubleshooting features exist including:
  • Power synchronization setup for KW peak demand monitoring
  • Zero Crossover (burst firing) trigger points for minimizing peak inrush
  • Automatic trigger on external digital inputs (e.g. circuit breaker auxiliary)