Spang Power Electronics is a premier International provider of AC and DC Power Control and Conversion Products and Systems. It uses Engineering designs exclusively from the US to define the manufacturing and test requirements for our Manufacturing facilities in the US (Mentor, OH and Sandy Lake, PA) and Asia (Xiamen, CN). All locations are ISO 9001 certified to ensure the highest quality goods and services.

Historical Overview
Spang Power Electronics was formed in 1953 as Kemco Corp, in our Sandy Lake, PA facility, and acquired by Spang and Company in 1966. In 1999, Spang and Company acquired DMARC in Mentor, OH and the resulting combination became known as Spang Power Electronics.

Spang and Company is a family owned, privately held company that was created in 1894, and has owned a variety of companies throughout the years. Currently, Spang and Company owns 3 divisions – Spang Power Electronics, Magnetics and Spang Engineered Solutions. Together, these 3 Divisions employ 475 people with sales approaching $100 million.

Our focus
Spang Power Electronics focuses on understanding your application and providing you with the right solution. Spang is committed to the application of new technology in semiconductors, microprocessors and software in order to keep our products, and our customers, the best in the world. Automation, to improve quality and reliability, is our focus for the future.

A reputation of the highest quality and reliability in the industry
Spang Power Electronics maintains a reputation for providing products, systems, and engineering services of the highest quality and reliability. We design and manufacture a full line of power control equipment including: SCR power controllers, dry-type transformers, AC and DC power systems, specialty AC and DC drives and drive systems, and automation control systems. For over 50 years, our products and systems have been specified for highly critical industrial processes in glass, polysilicon / solar, coatings, fibers, industrial heating, and many other industries. We manufacture our products and systems within an ISO 9001 certified quality system to ensure that our customers' requirements are met on time, every time.